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The Talking Camel Never Gets Old…

It’s give a donation to your local Paralyzed Veterans of America Assistance League Day!

(it’s a  mouthful,l but it’s for a good cause)


Mobility Motoring  was super excited to host Mike Sheets of Great Plains PVA,our local chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America – to share in his experiences and knowledge. If you have ever met Mike, you will know he involves himself in proactive assistance.  Basically, he helps us do what we do to help him do what he does. (Follow me?)


“If you or someone you know is a paralyzed veteran, then there is most likely assistance for you.”-Mike Sheets


Mike Sheets, NFO & Great Plains PVA Aaron Cullen,
Adaptive Equipment Specialists.

PVA continues to be an advocate for Quality Health Care, research and education, Benefits and Civil right for all veterans with Spinal Cord or Dysfunction.  Each year they host the Annual Tee Off & Support Wheelchair Sports Golf Tournament, this year at Tiberon Golf Course .  Mobility Motoring was a Bronze Sponsor, and we had a GREAT time participating in the event. {So we came in 37th, so what?}

In all seriousness, Mike has been a great boon to the Paralyzed Veterans, and we see his customers daily. They can’t say enough about the good work PVA does. We truly believe we are creating synergy within the organizations that help you, so that can be better together! It is about the process. It’s about making it EASIER, clearer, and  if we can-fun!







Lastly, a shout out!

Prime Home created wonderful gift baskets to start the month off, Thank you! Your gift was memorable and delivered by your whole team. It is really a treat to service your vehicles, and help your business run smoother!


“Prime Home Care LLC is a home health care service in Omaha, NE offering expert residential care and care giving. As a licensed home for the elderly, our primary goal is to maximize the quality of life for each resident, and to give each family member the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your loved one is well cared for. We pride ourselves on our home-like feel, and comfortable setting. Our rooms, home-cooked meals, and specially trained staff, all help to make our guests feel right at home. When your loved one is ready for assisted care in Omaha, NE, call on Prime Home Care LLC. “-Prime Home , 


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