One Step at a Time….

Second Verse: Similar to the First!
We want our message to be clear, consistent and have an impact in the mobility community.

  • Our goal is to showcase events we participate in ( i.e. walks, runs and more walking)
  • To raise awareness… in general and specific to mobility options.
  • To spotlight current events that relate to the mobility lifestyle


Walk Season has begun! We had our first walks of the season!

If we had to describe these walks in 5 words…….. Awesome. Amazing. Inspiring. Family. Camaraderie.


At 9 am, at Millers Landing, the MDA Walk was kicked off. Maddison Arrowhead was their fearless leader, and she rocked it! This walk not only supports those affected with Muscular Dystrophy or ALS , or other muscle-debilitating diseases, it will affect their family, friends and care givers. Dedicated supporters have raised  $70,199.95 (and counting) to help fund research & treatments.

Now all you need is one more spin on our “wheel of donations…” 



MS Walk Lincoln, NE went on Saturday May 12th,  and Omaha May 19th. Both were HUGE successes! Omaha raised over  $71,854.43 with a crowd on 701, and Lincoln over $17,648.00 with a crowd of 201!  How many walks can say they met their fundraising goal before the walk even started!  MS affects more than 2.3 Individuals world wide, and each year there are more than 400 Walk MS events. We are proud to be one of the sponsors to help National MS Society reach their goals in research.Together we are Stronger.  #WalkMS



To sum up: Awesome. Amazing. Inspiring. Family. Camaraderie.

2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 at Lincoln Ms Walk


To my faithful readers- thank you both of you. I  made this great plan to put out a quarterly reader, and then promptly missed deadline after deadline. So, instead of giving up- I made time. As a bonus, I was always collecting content so it’s like I never left. Now, in June,  many moons  after our first article- the second installment of Full Circle. And a serious nod to the title, it’s always One Step at a Time with anything you do- so don’t give up-because no matter your disability, it’s always… one step at a time.



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