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                                  Full Circle.

Pat Zach. Professional Schmoozer, authority on Mexico vacations , and oh yeah , he knows a thing or two about Mobility Vans


Hey there, welcome to Mobility Motoring’s Blog Spot, or  “Full Circle.”  ( too corny? We’re working on it)

So, a little bit of background on us. While we are based out of Omaha, Nebraska, (located just off 144th Harrison St.) we actually service all of the greater Midwest. Hello out there in Nowheresville, NE/IA!

Primarily, we focus on growth in the handicap accessible transportation and adaptive equipment market. Secondly, we are constantly researching and testing new mobility equipment, and re-thinking old work arounds, and enabling our customer base to reach for mobility options they only dreamed about. For more information on our backstory Click Here.

Our Goal in creating this blog is a few things:

  • To showcase any and all mobility events that we participate in
    • Not only are the events fun, give out cool plastic things that break, and you meet a LOT of smiling people……These shows are a HUGE opportunity to test out equipment, vans, SUV’s and trucks to see if your chair would be accommodating to a mobility conversion.
  • To raise awareness
    • Boom! We like to show off, okay there I said it. We showcase the latest and GREATEST mobility options in the market ( they are just so cool!) In turn, they help make people aware of options that can improve their quality of life day in and day out.
  • To spotlight current events that relate to mobility lifestyle
    • New advances in science, great articles that tickle our fancy, and changes in the market that directly affect YOU.

It’s exciting for me to create this space,( that’s me > on the right) to have a hand in optimizing our footprint in the mobility market. We try so hard to reach people like you daily, that are looking for a person to help walk them though the hoops and circles that encompass the mobility lifestyle. People that need simple things, like getting to work in their own vehicle, or heck,driving your own vehicle period. Some need help on where to start the process, and some… some just want a friendly ear, some sage advice, and a smile. That’s what we are here for. That’s what gives us energy. That’s what makes us tick. What about you?


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